Interested in selling your web hosting company?

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We want to help you!

Are you changing careers or looking for new business ventures? Are you looking to retire or simply stop competing in a crowded industry? Whatever reasons you may have to sell your company, we are here to help you by offering a simple process, a smooth transition and a competitive and fair valuation for your business. With nearly a decade in the web hosting industry, and 3+ decades in the Internet business, trust us to continue to give your clients the top-of-the-line customer service they expect and deserve.


We have successfully completed over 20 web hosting acquisitions of varying sizes over the past 10 years.

This includes businesses from Maine to California! There is no business too small or too large for us to entertain! By working with us directly, you’ll be able to bypass expensive broker fees and communicate with like-minded business owners who understand your desire for excellence. We know your customers mean a great deal to you and we are committed to providing your customers with the exceptional level of service they deserve. Our technical support is U.S.-based and offered around-the-clock, so you and your clients will be able to reach us whenever needed.

We have experience with these

Control Panels & Billing Systems

…and many more!


We are interested in quality; not quantity.

To us, taking over an active client base is about finding the right fit.  Our goal is not just to expand our existing portfolio but also to aid other companies who are looking to exit the hosting industry. With adequate protections put in place on both sides, here’s a look into what the selling process will look like for you:


Fill out form & sign NDA

We want to get to know you! We’ll ask a few questions followed by a digitally sign-able non-disclosure agreement so we can talk in confidence about the specifics of your business. We’ll follow up with a phone call as soon as possible.


In this process, we’ll look at the details of your company and get to know a little bit more about you and your clients. If we move forward, we’ll negotiate a price that works for both parties that is fair and in line with market rates.

Exchange contracts

We’ll agree to a sale date and schedule of events. This lets us line up the resources required to ensure a smooth transition, plan the handoff, and schedule payment to you.

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Don’t waste another second not knowing your options when it comes to selling your web hosting business.