3 Web Design Trends to Follow for 2022

As a web designer, it’s important to know the trends in web design in order to best fit the ever-changing needs of your clients. The trends typically point to a shift in usability, aesthetics or a combination of both. Trends become so for a reason because it is solving a new problem on the web. Making changes in your design work doesn’t only benefit you in growing your skills, but also allows for better user experience. Read below for 3 trends in web design that you can implement in your websites during 2022, and beyond.

One-page websites

Though a menu or navigation bar has become industry standard, there is the possibility that they can become too complicated for a user when there are too many links, non-descriptive links, or misleading titles. If you have a small enough amount of information to present, consider a well-laid-out one page site that functions as an interactive poster of sorts. Take time to organize the information in a logical way, with large pictures and headings at the top, and separating types of information with more headings, images and links down the page.

App-like use

As accustomed as we are to smart phone use, this trend comes into play for a couple different reasons. This is a simple way to ensure your mobile website is already optimized for mobile devices. Typically, phone applications rely heavily on icons and over-simplified ways of presenting information as to not overload the user. Creating a website that looks like an app accomplishes the goal of an easy user experience. App-like use for a website can be done by working in one block, without a lot of scrolling, utilizing icons where necessary, and of course, taking inspiration from actual applications from your cell phone.

Oversized typography

This particular trend has almost everything to do with a visual design trend that can not only be seen in web design, but in print design, marketing materials, emails, TV commercials, and magazines – just to name a few. By using this visual design technique, you are positioning your website to be considered more trustworthy because it speaks to being modern and up with the times, which reassures users they are not visiting a website that is a scam, outdated, or inapplicable to their search. Try to overlay large headings and titles over high-resolution photography not only at the top of your pages, but over images as you flow down the page. It is a unique way to change up the standard smaller headings that happen as you scroll down the page (you should still utilize H2, H3 etc. to take advantage of the search engine optimization benefits but style them accordingly)!

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