Advantages of WordPress Optimized Hosting
WordPress optimized hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around, so it’s no surprise that an entire web industry has sprouted up around it to not only make its sites better, but can improve them on any metric you could possibly choose. There are web designers that specialize in WordPress themes, and software developers that write unique plug-ins to increase the functionality of sites – just to name a couple. Not the least of this bunch is WordPress optimized hosting, which in its name highlights the idea that a WordPress website needs certain specifications met on its hosting backend to run at its peak performance. By upgrading to a WordPress optimized web host, this is what you can expect:

Expert understanding of your needs

When you notice issues in your WordPress site, a hosting generalist may not know the ins and outs of what makes your website tick and that can be an issue. With the large combination of variables that a WordPress site can carry, from various plug-ins, to theme updates, to conflicting settings, someone with professional-level experience in the technicalities of WordPress can find and resolve those issues in the quickest manner possible. When these needs are met, you can expect your website to be at its functional best.

The best possible performance for your site

Once your WordPress website has a clean and well-operating backend, ensured by WordPress experts, considerations of speed and user experience become important differentiators in whatever market your site competes in. We all want fast-loading, easy-to-use websites that don’t deter visitors! WordPress optimized hosts can cache your website so a user can use it in an instant, and utilize servers that are built to handle the kinds of interactions and traffic specific to WordPress sites. Often, your site can be less code-dense because a WordPress optimized host can take on backups, security, caching and other performance improvements through their services as opposed to loading them into your site via bulky plug-ins.

Simplified site management

WordPress optimized hosts take some of the pressure off of you by taking on some of the major responsibilities of updating the core behind your site, including PHP, WordPress versions, and even themes. This opens up more of your time to focus on whatever else you need to do when it comes to your website, your business, or your personal life. On top of that, the setup process is hassle-free in that you are not bouncing between providers in different areas to make sure everything is compatible – it is all handled in one area. WordPress optimized hosts typically offer a dashboard to you right through their hosting application that will allow you to see where your site is struggling and give you access to some of the tasks you need to be able to perform, like managing the database. This alone is worth the monetary investment of seeking out hosting particular to WordPress websites.

If you own WordPress websites and are looking for an ideal place to host them, visit HostGo to see how they can help you today. As well, if you are a WordPress optimized web host looking to hand off your business to a web host that will maintain your excellent service, learn about and their team here.

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