Tailoring Your Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses
Small business front door

Small businesses, more than ever, are relying on their Internet presence. Whether they exist purely as an e-commerce operation, or are using their website as their primary marketing resource, their websites are arguably the most important digital property they have. Therefore, when it comes to selecting, using and trusting a web host, you have an opportunity to be an integral part of their business.

Don’t overcomplicate

Most of these small businesses do not center around the technical aspects of information technology, so there is no need to be overly complicated in explaining what is behind each of your servers. Instead, opt for supplying all they need in an easy-to-understand package: one that consists of servers, software and an expert support team that makes them feel at ease. By offering an all-around deal, you are allowing the small business owners to not have the mental strain of splitting their IT in a million different directions.

Offer competitive pricing

Small businesses do not have the financial flexibility of large corporations and will likely be looking for a host that is willing to work with them on providing the best value for the price. Offering free site migration, a money-back guarantee or a free domain name would be great ways to incentivize your services to a small business and compete with some of the larger web hosting companies of today.

Emphasize security in their language

While security, storage and bandwidth are major draws for larger companies especially, don’t forget to emphasize the ways these aspects of your services benefit the smaller entrepreneur. For example, with security, SSL encryption, spam protection and a website backup are necessary protections for all types of e-commerce transactions. Creating peace of mind about what happens if their website needs to be restored is something that will show your support for their hard work.

Never forget customer service

Above all, customer service is key. Small businesses thrive off of their personalized customer service to their communities, and they’ll expect no less from you as a web host. Catering to their needs in the form of 24/7 call, chat or email ticketing support, along with answering questions no matter how simple, will show that you, too, care about the success of their digital presence. Take time to implement some of these factors when marketing your web hosting services to small businesses, as they need you to tell them exactly why you are tailored to their needs.

If you are a small web hosting business looking to sell your business to like-minded web hosts, reach out to SellYourWebHost.com and their team here. If you are a small business looking for a web host that prioritizes small businesses, visit HostGo to hear how they can help you!

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