What is Managed VPS Hosting?
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If you are searching for the best type of hosting plan for your business, take an opportunity to learn about managed VPS hosting and whether or not that would be ideal for your hosting needs. Managed VPS hosting is an established form of hosting that can be seen offered as early as the 1990s, and has evolved to fit the ever-changing needs of businesses, particularly in this very fast, digital age where more people than ever are looking for web hosting solutions. VPS stands for virtual private server, which is in direct contrast with a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a entire server that is completely dedicated, as indicated by the name, to one business or even particular function of a business. This is traditionally reserved for needing large amounts of hosting resources, like the ability to handle extreme amounts of web traffic. As small businesses and single website owners increase in presence on the Internet everyday, it makes most sense to buy partial use of the server that still offers private, secure and even customizable hosting that is extremely affordable.

The “managed” aspect

A server is a complex piece of machinery that needs managed, and management takes both time and expertise. It is the best choice for businesses that do not have the resources to dedicate an entire in-house team to server management. While technically there is more of a cost associated with a managed VPS server, an unmanaged VPS server should be reserved for experienced users.

A VPS is flexible

Because of the nature of its virtuality and privacy, you can make changes in your hosting environment down to the root. This allows you as a web developer, or a team of developers, to configure it in such a way that benefits your technical requirements the most. The best part is that you can enjoy this without needing to pay for an entire dedicated server.

Size adaptability

When you purchase a managed VPS hosting plan, there will be various size options that typically start around 1GB and can go up in increments of 1 above that for quite some time before it would make sense to opt for a dedicated server. If you run a small website with light web traffic, or even a small WordPress website without too many plug-ins, you will likely find yourself needing a smaller plan. If you are running an e-Commerce site, need large photo storage, or need a powerful place to host gaming, you will need to select a larger plan with more RAM – which is the memory and storage needed to run the programs on the backend of your website.

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