Why Should You Build A Website in WordPress?

There must be a reason, or several, that almost one in five websites on the Web right now are running with WordPress. As the foremost content management system on the market, WordPress is easily the most simple, reliable and free way to get your information on the Internet for personal or business use. Starting out as a blogging tool, WordPress still lends itself to being able to quickly post content, typically in some sort of article form, however now unlimited in design possibilities. Here are some more reasons why WordPress tops the competition when it comes to building, designing and maintaining a website:

WordPress is well-established

WordPress was initially released in 2003, however, by 2011, they powered over 12% of the world’s websites. Its age, number of users, continual updates, growth of the company, and thousands of additional features contribute to the fact that almost no stone is left unturned when it comes to the customization and ease-of-use needed to be the prime website builder. Longevity, combined with being an open-source platform, has also allowed there to be nearly limitless theme and plug-in options specifically tailored to WordPress. If you are a blogger specifically, WordPress is truly the best in the business. Developing another type of site? WordPress can do it all.

WordPress is powerful

Did you know that Mashable and Techcrunch use WordPress as their CMS platform? Those sites, among many other large reputable company sites, garner millions of views per day and can handle high traffic and be modified to have best-in-class security. As well, WordPress is scalable, in part because of its structure based on themes. Anyone has the ability to add as many pages and posts as their heart desires, along with the ability to create new sites as quickly as possible in the same system.

WordPress gives you the control

If you use other website builders on the market like WIX or Squarespace, you can face some limitations on multiple fronts. For example, their e-commerce platforms are set in stone and you cannot use a different plug-in to better display your products or services. Those builders may also lock you into their specific hosting plans, which again, will not always be the correct option to suit your needs or may be pricier than the competition. You are also technically renting the files you create with this company, whereas with WordPress, you have complete ownership of the pages and files and could choose to move them elsewhere at any time. Also, you can comfortably manage most of the site yourself, leaving only some details to whoever you choose to host your site. You are able to run your own backups, updates and security checks. Managing spam and improving SEO is well-within the average user’s capability, too.

Of course, getting the most out of your WordPress-powered website can be done with the help of professionals that know the platform in and out, and have services custom-made for WordPress. WordPress-specific search engine optimization improvement and WordPress-optimized hosting can be made easy and affordable for you by HostGo.com. Additionally, if you are looking get out of the WordPress-optimized hosting business and transition your customers to top-of-the-line service, inquire today about our simple acquisition process.

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