5 Signs Your Website Might Need a Redesign
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┬áIn today’s world, your website is your business card, your storefront, your customer service and therefore the backbone of your credibility. While it may be hard to shell out so much of your budget each month for tech-related business needs, understanding the importance of web presence is vital to your business’ daily operations and potential growth. So, website maintenance, and constant evaluation of the website meeting your target audience’s needs, is always in order to foster the best results from the effort put into your Internet appearance. It is not simply enough to create a website, post it, and hope for the best. Likely, your information will change on a regular basis and as your business functions and adjusts, so should your website to fully reflect your business. It may not be easy to swallow the monetary investment to redesign your website, but here are 5 signs your website may need a redesign to help you reach your website’s full lead-generating capability.

You’re hesitant to give out your website address

For one reason or another, you may already realize that your site looks out-of-date or is sorely lacking compared to your competitors. When discussing your business with a customer and wanting to direct them to products or information on your website, if you cannot in good conscience recommend your link, then the cost of your website is actually working against you rather than for you. Realizing that your website is a money pit rather than a money generator is a paramount sign that you should take the leap into investing into a website redesign. This upfront cost will allow you to turn your losses around.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile

Almost 70% of all website visits are made from mobile phones using mobile browsers, and if your website isn’t operating in this category, it is no secret that you are missing out on almost all of your potential customers discovering and using your website. This fact alone should prompt you to consider a website redesign, and make sure that as you vet potential web designers, they are experts at responsive and mobile-first design and are fully capable of transforming your web content into something usable and readable in a mobile space.

Your website isn’t bringing in the traffic & conversions you’ve expected

Once your website is live on the Internet, it does take other marketing strategy to start bringing in the traffic and views of your target audience. For example, when you first built your website, the designer may not have considered the best way to improve your search engine optimization. First, analyze what ways you are utilizing social media and other word-of-mouth promotions to drive people to your website, but if you are maxing out your resources in these areas, there may be a problem with your website that causes people not to visit it or to not stay long enough to get value out of it. This could be for a variety of reasons: it may take too long to load, there may be issues with the backend and links to your site, your services may not work properly for customers, or it is missing a predominant functionality your customers were expecting. If you determine that any of these things are happening, invest in a website redesign with a designer that can fully evaluate your needs from a user experience perspective because your customers need to be able to find and easily use your website.

Your brand has changed or evolved

This is maybe a more simple or obvious reason to redesign your website, but if your brand has changed in terms of look or operation, your website is of no use to your business because it does not truly communicate the objectives of your business. Sometimes changing a logo and colors affect more than just updating a few pictures and the text color of your website and it may need a comprehensive revision to encapsulate your new branding. If your messaging and services have changed, a more in-depth change that considers your structure and content will best be done with a complete redesign by a full-service designer.

It is difficult to make updates to the site

If after choosing a web designer to create and launch your website, it proves too difficult to make changes to the site on your own or through contacting someone to change it, then it may be time to consider a website redesign for your sake. If it is making the changes themselves that keeps your website from displaying the full amount of products, services, or correct information from your business, then it is not your fault, rather the fault of your web designer for not designing your website in an accessible or reconfigurable manner. This is a fact that is important to scrutinize when asking a new web designer to redesign your site – ask them the explicit process for making changes and evaluate whether that is an easier process for your business.

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