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If you want to sell your product or service to the largest possible audience you can find, or need an easy way to tap into your niche of potential customers, look no further than selling via the Internet. However, the idea can be overwhelming at first. Where do you even start? While it’s imperative to build some sort of online following with marketing, many choosing the social media or paid advertisement route, you have to first build a great website for your customers to be directed to. The optimal online store loads fast, is easy-to-navigate, with a clear theme and simple to check out. Furthermore, everyone is familiar with the dangers of online scam sites, so it is equally important also to present your online store with the most credibility possible with reputable payment processors and descriptive product listings. Does this sound like a lot to accomplish? This process to bring your products or services to the Internet can be made simpler using the WordPress plug-in WooCommerce. A WordPress website is great for many reasons (listed here), so you can utilize the best of its online shopping features with the arguably best plug-in on the market in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is affordable

As a business, cost to operate is at the forefront of any decision. WooCommerce itself is free to use by anyone with a WordPress website! Many other e-commerce applications for websites can run up to thousands of dollars per year, so to have a free way to power the backbone of your online store is an opportunity to direct your business funds to other important facets of your tech needs or other parts of your business. For example, you will need reliable WordPress-optimized hosting, then any third-party payment processors will require a separate purchase and subscription.

WooCommerce can do anything you want it to do

Some e-commerce applications are limited in the range of what you can sell. They may only allow the presentation of service appointments, or may only have page builders of physical product listings. WooCommerce is so flexible that there’s no possible way to list all of the ways to sell what you would like to sell. From subscriptions, to memberships, to dropshipping, to digital products, to whatever concept you have, WooCommerce can fit your needs.

WooCommerce grows with your business

While it can be difficult to imagine your store website being so busy it crashes in the early days, that is almost the hope of every business to have such a successful and frequently visited website. WooCommerce is not just for small businesses; it has the structure to support complex websites with lots of traffic – see one example here. There will be no hassle as your business grows by keeping the same shop structure with WooCommerce and that is some much-needed peace of mind to every business owner.

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